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Серыя экструзійных ліній WPC

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Лінія экструзіі панэляў YF серыі PE, PP і дрэва, ПВХ і дрэва (пенапласт)


The extruder of this extrusion line is the special designed SJZ92 conical twin-screw extruder, this extruder is equipped with the temperature controlling gauges which have the advantages of high precision temperature controlling, easy and reliable operation. The vacuum calibration table equipped with the strong cooling device which ensures the cooling effect. Caterpillar type haul off unit, equipped with the precise speed reduction motor and inverter, has the advantages of reasonable structure,powerful and stable haul off force. The cutter has the reliable and accurate cutting effect. The stacker has the movable stacking trolley and special made rubber protection layer to prevent the product from being scratched. The downstream  equipment of this extrusion line uses the programmable computer or domestic made controlling system for stable and reliable operation.