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Серыя экструзійных ліній WPC

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Дапаможнае абсталяванне для экструзійнай лініі WPC


This machine suits for the thickness sanding, fine sanding and polish the surface of other various boards.

The machine is used for surface design transferring of wood-plastic door, wood-plastic cabinet door board, PVC door and wall board. Using high temperature transferring, this machine can automatically remove dust and have board pre-heating device.

The wood-plastic embossing is mainly used for the pattern of repression of PEPPPVC wood plastic embossing profile,sheet surface,it's better for the wood products surface of wood texture.the surface of the can be processed all kinds of wood texture,surface can be hard chrome plating,Roller cavity heating,simple operation and wear-resistant.

This machine is mainly used for pattern carving of wood-plastic board, hard wood board, density board and cabinet board. It uses three spindles as landscape orientation, lengthways and up and down. All kinds of engraving by computer.