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Stone paper production equipments adopt casting&calendaring process technology:
compounding, mixing, extrusion to produce the special master batch, then through extruder, calendaring, stretching, cooling, surface treatment, coating, cutting and winding to produce origin paper. Its features for high efficiency, good quality, low cost production, smooth surface paper, especially used to print high grade album and book cover etc.
Stone paper features:
Stone paper production process is easy, high output, lower power consumption; not use plant fiber、not cut trees, save lots of wood, protect natural environment; Don’t need to add strong acid, strong alkali, bleaching agent etc. Chemical material, don’t drainage waste water、waste residue and toxic and harmful air, that’s green environmental product. Product with good mechanical performance、waterproof、moistureproof、moth-proofing, folding, tear resistant, oil resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, stable geometry size, high printing resolution, good effect, can be natural degradation after with abandon for powder characteristics of return to nature, is widely used in gift packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, office supplies, decorative materials, and other areas of the printing products.