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Лінія экструзійных ліній профілю

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Паралельны двухшнековый экструдар HDPE / PP Двухсценная вытворчая лінія гафрыраваных труб


Performance & Advantages: Suzhou Jwell introduced European advanced technology and newly developed parallel-parallel twin screw extruder HDPE/PP DWC pipe line, which has the following characteristics:

Adopt two parallel twin-screw extruders, and the mixing effect is excellent. It is possible to use both powdered and granular raw materials at the same time without the need for granulation and low raw material costs;

The extruder is equipped with a side feeding system, which can adjust the calcium powder filling ratio at any time online, and the formula exchange is convenient;

Extruder has  vacuum vents. To make the inner and outer walls of the pipe dense and smooth without bubbles;

The screw & barrel are building block type. maintenance and replacement easily.