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Пластыкавая труба для будаўніцтва Новыя матэрыялы для будынкаў

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PE Marine Pedal Profile Экструзійная лінія


Прымяненне і функцыя

Jwell Machinery helps to build a green marine ranch! Traditional offshore culture in net cage mainly uses wooden net cage, wooden fishing raft and plastic foam. It will cause serious pollution to the sea area before and after the production and cultivation, and it's also weak in resisting wind waves and resisting risks. At present, the whole set of project solutions provided by Jwell Machinery include Plastic Fishing Raft pedal extrusion extrusion line + marine floating bucket blow moulding machine + marine pipe extrusion line, which is the trend of marine aquaculture in the future. This product has a series of advantages, such as green environment protection, recyclability, typhoon resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet ray and so on. It ensures the marine ecological environment from being destroyed. It has been promoted abroad. Domestic coastal aquaculture areas are gradually popularizing.

Mainly used in the sea, can also be used in rivers, lakes, moors, ponds, etc.