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*JHD takes high-quality as the foundation, technology research and development as the engine, and customer satisfaction as the center. Hold high-efficiency and high-quality delivery as mission, strives for perfection.

*JHD regards technology as foundation and continuously improves its technological capabilities and R & D standard, now has reached the advanced level in the domestic industry. JHD has been named as a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan, was certified as Enterprise Technology Center by Guangdong province; As Key Technological Research Center by Guang Dong Province; As Intellectual property advantaged enterprise of Guangdong Province; As hosting center for post-doctorate research by South China University of Technology.

*JHD believes that the attitude to customers determines the height of the enterprise. We require accuracy on each point.


*Quality is life and delivery schedule is important for reputation. JHD always adheres to on-time delivery, has established a good brand in the industry.