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CHINAPLAS2019 Выдатнае абсталяванне – экструзійная лінія для труб ПНД вялікай таўшчыні

Час: 2019-07-17 Праглядаў: 20

In order to meet the market demand, our company has officially recommended JWPE/T series super-thick solid wall pipe production lines with fully independent intellectual property rights to our customers after many investigations and relying on its strong R&D capabilities. Whether it is the production of a high-pressure water supply pipeline or gas pipeline, this series of production lines can fully meet your needs.


Production Line Scope:OD160mm-OD2000mm

Standard Line Data List:PE100级

Pipe standard: ISO 4427-2007 

Line Model OD range(mm)Макс. Таўшчыня
JWPE/T-450OD110-OD450OD450 (SDR7.4,2.5Mpa,61.5mm)
JWPE/T-630OD160-OD630OD630 (SDR7.4,2.5Mpa,85mm)
JWPE/T-1000OD500-OD1000OD1000 (SDR9,2.0Mpa,111mm)
JWPE/T-1200OD630-OD1200OD1200 (SDR11,1.6Mpa,109mm)
JWPE/T-2000OD1200-OD2000OD2000 (SDR17,1.0Mpa,117.6mm)

Characteristics of Production Line:

(1)The adoption of 38, 40 large aspect ratio screw structure design, in the guarantee of uniform plasticization under the circumstances of extruding 30% to 50% more than the traditional screw;

(2)The adoption of innovative energy consumption management system makes the energy consumption of this series of production lines 10% – 15% lower than that of similar products in the market;

(3)The application of weightlessness meter weight control system ensures the uniformity of product diameter and the stability of weight per meter;

(4)The adoption of LCT-300 type interventional automatic constant temperature forming system with fully independent intellectual property rights can effectively control the deviation of the wall thickness of products and greatly reduce the influence of sagging phenomenon on products;


(5)The innovative design of vacuum cooling system adopts adaptive thermal cycle control, which greatly reduces energy consumption while ensuring cooling efficiency;

(6)HO-III new generation traction device adopts point-to-point centralized control mode to ensure the consistency and stability of the linear speed of each traction claw, convenient specification conversion mode, and accurate position indication greatly reduce the requirements for operators;

(7)The commissioning of NC-III new chipless cutting device guarantees the smooth and tidy cut of products and greatly reduces the probability of secondary cutting. The innovative dual-action cutting technology in the large-caliber production line can ensure that the production line will not stop because of the replacement of vulnerable parts, thus bringing long-term and stable benefits to customers.