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Цяжкія драбнілкі серыі DYPS-Z



Цяжкія драбнілкі серыі DYPS-Z распрацаваны спецыяльна для другаснага матэрыялу, які няпроста раздушыць.
Cabinet: The main box of DYPS-Z series crusher, processed by CNC Machine exactly with the strong welding structure. This kind of crusher features thick wall thickness, high strength, good wear resistance, no pollution, long life. The upper box can be opened easily by hydraulic system and repaired conveniently.
Main axis: The main axis is processed with high quality steel after verifying the balance. Good toughness, stable working state, low shaking are the main features.
The rotor with new V type cutting technology can be composed of three blades, five blades, seven blades on the basis of different crushing material. This technology makes sure the blade can produce uniform granular with low energy and low noise.
Filter: The screen plate is processed with high strength material. It can be installed easily with hydraulic system and changed conveniently. Different size mesh in 10-200mm for customer’ option.s
Dyun can also provide relevant auxiliary equipment according to our customers requirements, such as feeding conveying system, metal segregator, material collection device, powder seperate equipment.