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Аўтамабільная новая лінія экструзіі пластыкавых матэрыялаў

Галоўная>дадатак>Аўтамабільная новая лінія экструзіі пластыкавых матэрыялаў

Лінія экструзіі кампазітных лістоў TPO / IXPP


It is successfully developed by Jwell Machinery,adopts special structure of TPO screw,plasticizing evenly,unique composite processing method,composite products have high bonding strength, No tensile deformation ,formaldehyde-free, it is Jwell’s company according to car interior materials’s field recommends another domestic advanced composite sheet production line, this composite material has flexible operation,high efficiency of compositing, with the advantage to complete the treatment of the TPO surface layer’s lines once time, with the basic material to hot pressing and compositing together once time,it is total different from past composite method,this product is widely applied in high class inner decoration、ceiling 、pipe of the car , and so on.